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Journaling is a practical way to stay connected to your memories, dreams and your purpose in life!


Join this challenge to help guide you to get started to write your story, to reflect on your thoughts & feelings throughout your life and leave your wisdom as your digital legacy.

The Challenge starts on the 1st and 15th Day of the month. You'll receive your Day 1 Challenge on whichever is the first date that follows your registration.

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The Challenge uses the online tool BioJars and you can register for a BioJars Basic free account that doesn't expire. BioJars can be used on any device; mobile, tablet or computer.

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“I’m not that good with technology but I found this challenge helped teach me what to do and it turned out to be easier than I thought.”
– Judy, Perth Australia

“I have found the emails helped me get a more complete picture of all the memories I wanted to write about.”
– Barbara, QLD Australia

“It is such an interesting thing to do. Especially at the moment as we seem to be making contact again with people from years ago so old memories are emerging”
 – Dee Noble, Frinton UK

“I have really been enjoying your 30-day challenge. It is such a clever program and It is also very easy to use.”
– Heather, Victoria Australia