Decluttering? Don’t Forget Your Digital Footprint

Have you considered what digital life story you are leaving behind?

If you reflect for a moment. If you lost someone today would you have a complete story of their lives? … and conversely, would they have yours?

Prior to the birth of the internet in 2003, it was difficult finding any information about anyone. The problem today there is too much information and it often makes it hard for us to find what we want and where it is kept. So how do we expect our families and future generations to construct our life story from our digital mess?

Think of the digital footprint we are leaving; emails & their attachments, websites & blogs, social media posts containing images, video & words including our gems of wisdom on Twitter!

Then there’s data stored in our filing systems on our latest & old computers & phones; hard drives, disks, SD cards and let’s not forget our clouds! One Drive, My Drive, Dropbox – how can I have filled them all?

There is so much personal data we are generating and most of it’s all jumbled up.

Digital decluttering

Getting information off the internet is like taking a drink from a firehose.

Mitchell Kapor

The inspiration to declutter our digital space

Just as Marie Kondo’s inspiration to declutter our homes, we should consider declutter our devices, cleaning up the digital footprint we are leaving, and perhaps to even go one stage further; to think about what we are creating information and why.

Curating our digital life story is one of the most rewarding things we can do. We should all consider the future of our legacy, both from the perspective of both the physically and digital footprints we are leaving behind.

To put things in order means to put your past in order too.

Marie Kondo

The explosion of digital data we generate

The internet slid gracefully into our lives around 2003, and the amount of data we produce is exploding exponentially. Did you know the world creates over 2.5 trillion Gigabytes of data daily?

Our digital universe is enormous: What we generate every minute of every day is truly staggering!

Why we need to  curate our digital footprint

Aren’t we all leave a huge digital footprints of our lives? Yet how many times do we hear of swathes of information lost by a social media platform often due to security breaches?

Every 2 days we create as much data as we did from the dawn of time to the year 2003.

Kerry Wright

Will our digital data be lost or deleted?

My Aunty Frieda, was like many elderly people, staying connected to the family was important. She overcome her fear of technology and became quite proficient on an iPad. She regularly popped up in my newsfeed with photos she’d taken and comments on family posts, leaving a small digital footprint of the last few years of her life.

Aunty Frieda died a couple of years back, she was 81. At Christmas, her Birthday and the anniversary of her death my family left tributes and we exchanged messages of shared times together with her.

The other day I received an email from my Cousin saying my Aunts Facebook account had been hacked and he was going to have to delete it. A family friend wrote “Have loved keeping Frieda on my list x It is with great sadness I am going to unfriend her xxx only on Facebook – always in my heart.”

I too was sad when my Aunty disappeared from my friends list, a real reminder that despite how much digital information we produce, not only information can be difficult to find, it can also be deleted beyond our control; Social media accounts are just not permanent!

decluter your digital legacy

Curating our digital data to secure our unique personal stories

Like most of us, if we don’t do something soon, life stories and wisdom based on our unique personal experiences, may be lost for good to our families and future generations, especially as the more we rely on social media sites and apps to document our lives.

We should all set a time for a digital declutter of our devices, saving the more important memories in text & images and curating our life story so that our unique personal stories can be found in a digital sea of data and shared forever.

Decluter your digital footprint

The human spirit must prevail over technology.

Albert Einstein

Leave behind what you want others to find about you!

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